BedLocker Remote Controlled Electric Truck Cover

Have you ever seen a retracting desk … the type that features a wood paneled topper that slides side to side over the desktop, and, when closed, conveniently conceals the stored contents? Really, when one thinks about it, a roll-top desk also works similarly to the opening and closing of a garage door. Pace-Edwards’ BedLocker retractable truck bed cover operates a lot like both the retractable desk top and garage door. Again, picture the garage door quickly and smoothly rolling into an open and fully-retracted position. That’s also a picture of how the BedLocker operates on your pick-up truck bed. The variation being, the BedLocker surface retracts into a 12 inch by 12 inch container fastened at the front of the pick-up truck bed. Out of sight but not out of mind. Remember also that BedLocker is the sole motor-driven retracting cover on the truck topper market that opens and closes with the assistance of a palm-sized remote control. It’s the ultimate in truck bed cover ease. Think about this: your arms are loaded with boxes of merchandise as you exit the shopping mall and approach your pickup truck car cover for winter. What to do?

But how does BedLocker operate in harsh weather? Rather well, actually. To prevent water from entering between the top panels, Pace-Edwards utilizes proprietary rubberized hinge-seals to link the rugged metal slats. Moreover, the top is made not to freeze-over or fall apart from excessive snowfall. Once more, the metal frame and panels are made of heavy-duty aluminum with a black powder coat surface equating to additional strength, security and style. The manufacturer has tested the lid by setting three hundred lbs. of weight right in the middle of the top assembly … without a problem. Pace-Edwards is so assured by the Bed Locker’s strength, they’ve included a standard 3-year warranty. Pace-Edwards custom-designed the BedLocker to fit the specific pickup truck application for which it was planned. This exact truck lid also utilizes a remote cargo light to make it easy for you to see what you’re trying to get done when the truck bed is dark. Pace-Edwards claims you can install the BedLocker yourself in approximately one hour. It really depends upon the truck owner’s level of mechanical competency. BedLocker retractable remote ton no totally retracts in less than 30 seconds. Nevertheless, the remote provides you with the option to stop the topper anywhere between the tailgate to the front of the bed. Another convenient feature is the no-drill installation. You do not have to drill any holes or do any cutting. It’s a 100% clamp-on procedure.

But is it worth the twelve hundred-plus dollar cost? It depends.

A few customers who bought the BedLocker remote tone cover were influenced by the first-rate wares. Other bed locker owners remarked that it was very secure with no rattling noise. Some experienced awkwardness with the factory instructions, but were all right once they spent some telephone time with Pace-Edwards caring technical services people. Some pick-up truck owners said that the BedLocker with its remote capability is a mishandling of money, even though still others stated it’s the greatest convenience since sliced bread – a great and practical idea. All the BedLocker owners with whom we talked, nonetheless, said the electric retractable tone cover with the remote by Pace-Edwards is required equipment that they would find difficult to be without. If you have some additional funds allocated and wish to install the superior retractable ton no cover on your pickup truck … Pace-Edwards’ BedLocker is the right choice for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Hard Truck Covers

According to many pickup truck owners, hard truck covers are their personal favourite. The main reasons these automobile enthusiasts are so much in favour of the hard type truck bed covers are because of the security factor and weather protection and depending on the tonneau cover, looks is also major factor. The fiberglass tonneau covers are the big choice when it comes to looks. These smooth truck covers look extremely good when they are painted up to match the pickup truck’s factory finish. These covers have locking handles on them which make them very secure from possible thieves. They rank excellent when it comes to weather protection. These hard truck covers make the job of keeping the rain, hail and snow off your cargo very simple. Having your cargo area dry and free of snow when you need it is a real plus with these hard tonneau covers.

Some of the advantages of the fibreglass truck covers are as follows;

How good they look when painted to match the factory paint code of your truck.

How well they keep bad weather out.

How secure they are.

How sturdy they are.

Some disadvantages of the fiberglass tonneau covers are listed below;

They are no good for cargo that will be higher than the truck sides.

They are hard to remove quickly.

They will scratch easily, much like your truck body.

They are rather expensive compared to soft roll ups.

There are some hard truck covers of the hinged type that are constructed of plastic. They are less expensive than the fibreglass covers and some are very easy to remove as they are much lighter and have quick release pins for easy removal.

Some advantages of the plastic hinged type tonneau covers are;

Much lighter than the fiberglass covers.

Less expensive than the others.

Easy removal.

Less prone to scratches.

Some disadvantages of the hinged plastic tonneau covers are;

They are paintable but the finish is nowhere as good as the fiberglass covers.

Not as sturdy as the fibreglass.

Other types of hard truck covers include the folding type tonneau covers such as the Bakflip models by Bak Industries and the solid fold tonneau cover by Extang. These covers are made with aluminum mostly and are quite sturdy. The solid fold doesn’t latch but allows fast easy access to the cargo area. The Bak models are equipped with latches that are located underneath the truck covers which require opening the tailgate to unlatch the covers. With an additional aftermarket tailgate lock these covers are very secure.

Advantages of these folding tonneau covers are;

Very quick and easy access to the cargo area.

You can carry cargo higher than the truck box sides very easily.

Less expensive than fibreglass.

Disadvantages of the folding hard covers;

Need to purchase additional accessories to make secure.

May not be as water proof as hinged type.

Whichever truck cover you are targeting I am sure you will be quite pleased with the purchase. You just have to make the decision whether you want the highly secure fibreglass truck bed covers which look great painted up or the quick and easy access that the folding hard truck covers offer with the ability to haul taller cargo.

Hard Truck Covers

Many truck owners are looking for the protection that truck hard covers will give their cargo. After all, you wouldn’t want precious cargo floating around underneath your truck cover without realizing it until you got to your destination. The hinged types are made of a variety of different materials. Fiberglass is a front-runner which is most often painted to match the pickup truck’s factory paint code. They look real sharp and are the most weather tight. Security is very good with these truck bed covers as you need to raise the tonneau cover to lower the tailgate. The cover itself is lockable. Some of these truck hard covers have the option of adding a wing also known as a spoiler to give a sportier look to the truck. Also among the hinged type truck hard covers there are some that are fabricated of different plastics and polymer’s that are a bit more affordable than the fiberglass tonneau covers. The Folding types of truck hard covers have the advantage of transporting cargo that is higher than the sides of the truck box. Many pickup truck owners favour the folding truck bed cover variety because of the usability element. They are quicker than the roll ups and add more security. A lot of these are not lockable but the latches that open them, are located underneath the truck bed cover so the tailgate must be lowered to open them. If you add an aftermarket tailgate lock you have a really secured cargo area. The tailgate lock has an advantage over a lock that is on the upper side of the tonneau cover. I am sure they will come up with a solution to this problem in the very near future.

All About Tonneau Truck Covers

One of the most common truck accessories available in the market today are tonneau truck covers, also known as pickup bed covers or tops. Modern covers are what truck owners usually go for first before anything else, since these covers are quite essential in the protection of cargo on truck beds. In the current years, tonneau have acquired much popularity mainly because of the positive impression that this accessory can offer. The tops have been known to help in gas savings, not to mention the complimentary features that it adds to your vehicle. When it comes to tonneau tops, there are actually two essential types; the soft and hard coverings for the truck. Soft tops are typically cheaper as compared to the hard ones. This type of bed top is basically made of an aluminum frame topped with vinyl. There are five basic designs of a soft covering for the truck, and they are the following:

* Snap

* Snapless

* Hinging

* Roll-up

* Tri-folding

These basic designs of a soft covering for the truck help provide convenience as well as affordability. The snap and snapless, for instance, can be put on and removed in a breeze. The roll-up tonneau covering usually has the release at the tailgate, where you then just roll it up toward the cab with relative ease. The hinging and tri-folding tonneau truck covers are quite easy to install and remove as well. The convenience of the soft tonneau covers is fairly remarkable. Hard tonneau truck covers or rigid bed covers, on the other hand, will cost you a bit more than the soft truck bed covers. The materials used to make such truck bed covers are mostly aluminum, fiberglass, or molded abs plastic.